Mysterious AS5048L encoder. What does "L" stand for?

Dear ODrivians, :slightly_smiling_face:

I am eager to learn what is the exact specification of this encoder: AS5048L 1520WBR AMS (this is all written on the IC plactic body). I have a few encoder boards with this encoder and it is imported from China. There is no AS5048L product description on Austria MicroSystems website, however they mention the product in some document explaining some production material changes here.

The seller of these boards states that these are AS5048A encoders and sent me the PCB design with encoder board pinout. I tracked the paths and checked pin connections with multimeter, this AS5048L circuit does match AS5048A when it comes to power and SPI signals, which is all I need. I would appreciate your feedback if anyone knows what exact vesion of this encoder is. I will contact AMS too. Thank you so much!