Need new Hall Sensors

Hey community,

for my project, I need to switch from outrunner to inrunner bldcs. The reason is the pole pair number of the motors. Outrunners have around 7 polepairs and inrunners often have 2 or 3 polepairs. My motor has to turn up to 16000 rpm for a water jet, so the pole pairs is the limitation of my setup. I already found some inrunner bldcs but they are all sensorless and on the backside of the bdcs its difficult to place sensors like this one. Can I also take sensors which are used for outrunner bldcs like this one and applicate them to an inrunner? Have you already used sensors on inrunners? I am very interested in your experience :slight_smile:


Yes, you can do that. You can also put a shaft encoder or through hole encoder anywhere along the output shaft of the motor.

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