NEMA23 Enclosure for N5065 motor and AMT102 encoder

EDIT: There is a newer version of this enclosure at the bottom of this page.

Here are the files for the NEMA23 compatible mouting solution for the N5065 and CUI AMT-102v encoder, which are the ones currently available from the ODrive shop. This design was originally made by @Wetmelon. I added the cooling cutouts and mostly changed some thicknesses and tolerances. There are two versions, depending on which shaft you wish to use as the encoder mounting, check the pictures to see which one is “front” and “rear” mounting.

I would recommend to print this in PETg or other high temp plastic, since it is easy for the motor heat to soften the plastic. Also, the rear shaft adapter that comes with the N5065 motor is not quite 8mm thick, so I got the encoder to fit on the shaft well by shimming the shaft with a single layer of masking tape wrapped around it.


The required mounting hardware is:

  • 4x M4 8mm screws for the motor.
  • 4x M3 8mm screws for the encoder. These self-tap into the 3D printed plastic.
  • 4x M3 16mm screws to hold the plate to the shell. These self-tap into the plastic.


Encoder mounted on “rear” shaft.

Encoder mounted on the “front” shaft.

Encoder mounted on “rear” shaft.

Encoder mounted on “rear” shaft.

Left: Encoder mounted on “front” shaft. Right: Encoder mounted on “rear” shaft.

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Nice work @Wetmelon and @madcowswe. Any plans to stock pre-fab enclosures in the shop?

Yes one day I’d like to have something pre-made. I’m not sure if the design will be similar to this but injection moulded, or a different design.
I can’t tell you when though, sorry.

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