Newbie - Firmware Development


I am still new to using the O-Drive, and wanting to learn more. Can anyone suggest any training material that I can use to get started? Perhaps the ARM that runs the ODrive has a tutorial with an IDE they would suggest? Seems like the tutorials for Arduino I follow were put together with the intent to get someone started from zero. Seems like the O-Drive is assuming a deeper understanding. Really just wondering if there is some homework I can do to get me up to speed. Any suggestions?



Hi Scott,
Welcome to the forums.
The best and easiest way to get started working the ODrive is using Python and the USB connection, forget about the Arduino for now. Are you comfortable with python programming?

I have done a little bit, most of my time has been spent programming the dynomotion controller for custom CNC equipment in C. It comes with an IDE.

You you recommend python of a Pi or something, and connecting that to the ODrive?

Hi Scott,
No. It is easier than that. Connect the ODrive to USB and write direct python codes to control it.

What are you using a PC?

Hi @snyggis, if you’d like to start helping with firmware development for ODrive, please check out the github: and the Firmware Developer Guide here: