Newbie to Odrive

I am interested in turning my xhover Ultra into a remote control robot. After browsing the internet I found many others building similar projects which led me to ODrive’s site. After reading endless blogs and watching many videos, I’ve become more confused on attempting this build. I’ve read the getting started and some of the information makes sense, but more I read the less I know where do begin. I have so many questions, on wiring, programming and just general setup. Just a jump start.


I’ve never heard of an xhover but I googled it and it looks like a quadcopter. And a fairly small one at that. Not much bigger than ODrive itself, and you’d need two ODrives for four motors.

ODrive is a bit on the overkill side for spinning propellers, even big ones- although it can certainly do it. But for a drone this size it really is unsuitable.

I’m curious what features of the ODrive you need that a bog standard “ESC” doesn’t have?
What kind of robot are you trying to make?

Ok google fail. It’s a hoverboard. That makes a lot more sense. :joy:
I’d start with the hoverboard guide. :+1:

Hover-1 Ultra Electric is a Self-Balancing Hoverboard. Sorry of the confusion. I want to mount the motors from my hoverboard and make a remote control robot. What I want it to do is connect it to a reel lawnmower and cut grass with it using radio control. I’ve seen many others building this, but never gave much detail on wiring and programming.

Hi jcolianni,

I don’t know if it is of much use to you but ODRIVE could be overkill for that especially since you already have a motor controller built into your hoverboard. Short google makes it look line a standard run-of-the-mill type hoverboard. I suggest you take a look at this : GitHub - NiklasFauth/hoverboard-firmware-hack: New Hoverboard Firmware Hack. Now written from scratch and generally much better. -It’s a firmware-hack for the most common controllers - they reverse engineered the layout of the most common hoverboard controller(s) and wrote their own firmware accordingly. There are links to firmware for different board types in the repo. Odrive has lots of advantages above this solution like position control closed loop velocity control etc. but if all you need is an ESC you have one already in your board. Since you want to use radio control this will probably do the trick.

I only have two of these boards Joe