No continuous increase torque under postion mode

I run odrive under postion control mode, and set input_pos = 0.0

it locked well.

I can feel that the motor is producing force when I use external force to rotate the motor.

But the current rises to about 0.7A, and the current does not rise no matter how much the position error increases.

odrv0.axis0.motor.config.torque_lim is already inf

what’s wroing?

do you also have a motor.config.current_lim ?
You can try increasing that (but not to Inf)

thank thee very much!

i set motor.config.current_lim 12, change it larger, then it worked as expect.

so the unit of current_lim is not Amp?

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current_lim is in Amps, yes. But the current you see at the power supply != the current in the motor.

i see…

let me check.

I love odrive proj.

Thank thee very much!!