No FW version after Odrive firmware update

i was never ever successfull with odrive fw update via python odrivetool.
But with DfuSe app from ST it was OK(Windows).

After update to fw version 0.4.12 ODriveFirmware_v3.5-48V.hex (manualy downloaded from github) i can not use odrv0.fw_version_major/minor/revision anymore, it always return just 0

It was working before with older version(0.4.4).
And according this page: there should be even HW command odrv0.hw_version_revision but it always return error (via python odrivetool) that this command is not awailable.

Did those commands changed in this new fw version?
Is those guide page( up to date with all commands there?

DfuSe app from ST app says all OK after update and odrive is working normaly(as before) but those commands just return 0(but it should be 0.4.12 as major/minor/revision right?)

Another thing is that if i have run odrivetool(via cmd in windows) it says:
Connected to odrive 207535743948 as odrv0
but odrv0.serial_number return 35687780071752, should not be those numbers same?

Thank you

Try hex(odrv0.serial_number)

Which firmware version did you get? 4.12 master or the rc-v0.5.1?

ok hex(odrv0.serial_number)
worked, it is same now:)

i have used 0.4.12 from here:

odrv0.fw_version_major/minor/revision still return 0.0.0
not sure if it is normal, or bug, but odrive seems to be working OK with this fw