Noob Encoder Question

Hello - new to ODrive and somewhat robotics in general -
But I wanted to know if you could put the encoder on either shaft of a dual shaft motor? Does the flat part on the primary shaft have any effect, and do the motor wires being so close produce magnetism or w/e that will mess with the encoder?

TLDR - Can I put your encoder on either side of this motor?

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-To clarify - I got my motor spinning properly so I am not too concerned about this… Just interested


Shouldn’t matter! That being said, usually the bearing designed to take the motor shaft load is on the front of the motor near the mounting point, so if your encoder’s taking up the front shaft it might be more difficult to have a properly supported load on the back shaft.

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Doesn’t matter, the axle is a single piece. Though as Solomonsg noted, the axle bearing is only on the other end so putting the load on the other end will cause undesired torque on the motor. I’d put a support block and a bearing on that end to support the load if you intend to put the encoder on the front of the motor.

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Makes total sense. And through initial testing, the encoder worked correctly. But, I am going to put it on the back shaft. Seems better all around

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