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Package arrived today.:joy:

What do I do with the two tiny wires on D6374 - 150KV?

The encoder? has anyone ever successfully connected a CUI AMT102 to the rear of the D6374; I mean does it just float around in space?? (cant screw it down).

While it may go in the front (although the bases holes are misaligned); the sleeve and the shaft adapter don’t fit 12mm.

Any feedback is very welcome :thinking:


I don’t have that motor but I believe it does have a thermistor which would match your description of wire diameter. You absolutely need to affix the encoder securely or the controller is going to get confused about the minute movements that are ‘happening’. As for mounting the encoder, people have been using aluminum angle plate, 3d printing adapters, etc. AMT has files of all sorts of formats to extract measurements and the likes from on their website.

Hi Meta, thank you for your assistance.

The Motor was purchased from your web site and in the image you can see 2 minute wires; my worry was “no where does it say what to do with them” and I thought it may cause issues if they you just left them unconnected. (maybe Oskar knows)

“mounting the encoder” yes I noticed the encoder housed, is very sloppy on the shaft as the shaft adapter “fitted” only allowed 0.05 mm gap (feeler gauge) between housing and motor; this tolerance I believe is too small, as errors or worse could occur.

To alleviate this fine tolerance I will hand make (A jeweller in past life) a 0.05 mm shim to add thickness to the shaft, allowing the shaft adapter to sit back off the motor.

I would be better if the encoder would mount to the front, but only 8mm fitting and not 10mm.

You have suggested the AMT site for information, so I will have a look and see what they can offer.

Thank you very much again
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Just to be clear, I’m not affiliated with ODrive; just an enthusiast with too much time on his hands.

You’ll be fine if you don’t hook up those two wires. The vast majority of folks don’t have motors with thermistors embedded at all. It may be that certain GPIO pins are intended for the thermistor and maybe some logging of temps or similar that I’m not aware of.

Not sure I follow on the fitment/clearance issue, you may have to post a picture. The bore of the encoder should slop around a bit relative to the body, but with CUI’s adapters you should get a snug fit around the shaft itself. From there it’s just a matter of holding the encoder body rigidly to prevent any movement within that ‘sloppy’ region.

Sorry, I meant CUI’s site rather than AMT. I was suggesting it over manual measurements or design work you might wind up doing.

Hi Met, thanks for the input.

You answer a lot of questions, so I thought you might be a part of the team. anyway I sure they would welcome you as a team member!

Good so no worries about the wires.

“The bore of the encoder should slop around a bit relative to the body”
So this is normal! I just had the wrong impression about the tolerance, and yes when I fit the encoder to the housing I will make it a snug, centred fit.

AMT, strangely enough google new this!

Thanks again
Jerry :smiley:

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Yep, they’re thermistor wires.

Can you take a picture of your AMT mounting? There shouldn’t be any issues here.

Hi Wetmelon, thank you for the info.

Firstly with these wires; I suppose its possible to obtain feedback by connection to the ODrive board, Yes/No?

Mounting: It is not so much the mounting (just a mount -Alloy or 3D print) has to be made.

1/ The issue for me is that, the shaft “sleeve” and the “shaft adapter” when fitted put the encoder tooooo close to the motor as it spins!
In prior post (0.05 mm shim) I will make the aforementioned to alleviate this issue, which in turn will give 1mm space between spinning Motor and Encoder.

2/ Movement of encoder (sloppy) when fitted to the shaft, seemed to me to much play! but that appears to be normal; and of course when the encoder is screwed down to the housing it is up to me to make sure it is not ill-fitted, and will operate as it should.

3/ Ideally, the encoder would be better if fitted to the front of the motor, but I guess this is not possible as the AMT10 only has fittings for a 8mm shaft; Or does it? maybe someone has made an adapter :thinking:

Lastly: I’m away for the weekend so no motor close enough to snap an image, will post early in the new week.

Thank you again Wetmelon.
Regards Jerry.

I don’t actually know if the thermistor code has been setup yet. @madcowswe?

Please ensure you’ve used the wrench for spacing as indicated in the AMT102 instructions. It should be about 1.5mm

It should come with multiple inner plastic rings. The blue one is 8mm but the others range. You should be able to mount the encoder on either end of the motor.

HI Wetmelon, thank you for your input, I appreciate your comments and help.

1/ (thermistor code) from what I’ve read so far, seems to be in the wind, so not now.
2/ (encoder to shaft) problem solved @ 1.4mm
3/ (AMT10 shaft fittings) the blue is the largest at 8mm

Thank you again
Regards Jerry. :smiley:

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