ODESC = Odrive?


When looking for Odrive V3.6 in Switzerland, I only find ODESC3.6 in the shops.
The description of the ODESC says “based on Odrive”.
is that a collaboration by means of a license or a cheeky copy?

Do you mean the one by “Guangdong Sequre Technology Company” on alibaba?
What do you think? :joy:

It looks like a (very shoddy) rip off to me - absolutely none of that cost will be going to supporting the ODrive devs and it will have a lot of issues - for example, there is no single-axis version of the official firmware, so anything you compile from the repo will break (if it’s even possible to reprogram it - they could have set the read/write protect fuses for all I know)

Can’t you get one from here?
ODrive v3.6 — ODrive Europe

btw, what shops in switzerland are selling these “ODESCs”?

ok, then it’s cheeky copies.
I won’t mention the Swiss Schop here, presumably it doesn’t even know what it’s about.
But here is the official website of: