Odreve died after calibration.

I successfully calibrated the first engine. After I moved on to the second. When I applied the command odrv0.axis1.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE, a click was heard. Now the controller is not detected in the device manager, the LED is off. There are no visible damages on the board. Parsing the wiring, I found that the phase terminals of the wires of the second motor were not tightened.

I found a malfunction in the second motor. There is a contact between the ends of the phase wires and the shaft by the motor. My couplings and the shaft of the motor and encoder are made of metal, which provides contact. At the encoder, the gnd wire and the shield wire are connected together according to the instructions, which provides contact between the encoder shaft and its gnd wire. Thus, after applying voltage to the motor winding No. 2, the current through the shafts went into the encoder gnd wire, and through it to the gnd connector on the controller. Tell me, if you do not combine the gnd wire and the screen wire on the encoder, will this be a working solution? What can now be done with my controller after such an error? What components on the board are affected?

I applied 24 V and 1 A to the input terminals. Using fax paper, I determined that component U3 is very hot. U3 - LLVB (LP5907MFX-3.3) voltage regulator, 3.3V, 250mA. I also rang the rest of the components on the board with a multimeter and marked with a blue marker those that showed a short circuit. Finish correctly checking the soldered parts.