ODrive 3.6 - Fried Axis?

Rewiring my hoverboard based bot and one of the axes is cogging as if two phases are shorted even with the ODrive powered off. I had a closer look and spotted this on the axis in question.

I’ve no idea what those pins used to be but they very much look like they somehow shorted and burnt off.

Is this terminal or can that chip be replaced does anyone know please? It looks like the tracks may be damaged too which doesn’t fill me with confidence.

I’ve had these boards for a while but barely used them, I’ll be damn annoyed if it’s dead before I’ve been able to use it anger but accept it’s almost certainly a mistake I’ve made.

If someone could let me know either way I’d appreciate it.

Oh no, I’m so sorry to see this! It looks like DCBUS got shorted to PGND (schematic page 3), unfortunately those pads are not looking salvageable to me either.

Either way I would not recommend trying to replace the drv chip, unless you’re very experienced/confident with soldering/pcb repairs it’ll cost more in repair+debug time than just replacing the ODrive. Also, I would strongly suggest upgrading to one of the newer models (Pro/S1)

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for confirming and giving a pointer towards the schematic too.

I’m not that experienced but I have a friend who is and they think they may be able to save it. They’ve offered to do it for free so for the cost of a replacement chip it’s worth a go at least.

Sadly I’m not going to be able to replace it any time soon, I just can’t afford it at the minute. I may be able to barter with a friend to swap some vescs for one of thier v3.6 56v boards, fingers crossed.