ODrive 3.6. How to use the oscilloscope class?

I’m using ODrive 3.6. I need to modify the firmware. Is there any description for this class? How to use the oscilloscope class? I want to observe the currents. Is data transferred to ODrive GUI.exe ? The application has a get_val() function, but I didn’t find anything else. Does ODrive support GUI.exe plotting oscilloscope data? How can I get data from oscilloscope?

You can view the live currents using the live plotter in odrivetool.

For example on ODrive v3.6:

start_liveplotter(lambda: [odrv0.axis0.motor.current_control.Iq_setpoint, odrv0.axis0.motor.current_control.Iq_measured])

(on ODrive S1/Pro, the currents are automatically plotted in the Web GUI)

The oscilloscope class was a developer-only diagnostics feature to record variables at maximum rate, and then transfer it to Python (but not in real time). It requires manual code editing to get it to do something useful. There is no GUI integration for it.

Note however that v3.6 is end-of-life and we recommend the ODrive S1 or ODrive Pro for new designs.

I was reading your answer about the v3.6 is end of life.
Is there a dual axis going to be released in the future.
I’m interested in using this set up for 3d printers and cnc.
Or do I have to go over to the pro board.
Thanks in advance

Hi Manematician,

We don’t currently have any definite plans for a dual-axis replacement board. I’d recommend checking out the ODrive S1 – it’s a direct (single-axis) superset of the v3.6 features at a similar cost-per-axis, with the exception of a 50.5V max voltage instead of 56V.

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