Odrive 3.6 Pinout and Specs? What is 5V pin current limit?

Is there a pinout for the Odrive 3.6 or 3.5 board that lists the specs for the pins?

Specifically I am wondering what the current output of the onboard voltage regulator that is connected is connected to the 5V pin?

I’d like to drive a couple of 30mm 5V DC cooling fans off this pin. the fans are 0.4W

Thank you

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or can someone give me the part number for the onboard voltage regulator?

I think it should be safe to draw up to 500mA on the 5V rail.

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so I ended up getting a couple of these 30mm fans that are 0.12 A, 5V.

I’m going to design a 3D printable enclosure that incorporates these as well as some tabs for bolting the case down. I’ll prob upload to thingiverse and include a link.