ODRIVE 3.6V 56V Max Current Help

Hello, I need some help to derive the maximum current for the ODRIVE 3.6V.
I am using

Power Supply: 48V 5A
Motor: DUAL SHAFT MOTOR - D6374 150KV
Control Mode: Torque Control

And the limitation input torque is 0.3, and
If I put more than 0.3, I can’t get more torque.

Please help me to derive more torque with the above specification.
Or is it already the limitation of the power supply?

Please check motor.config.current_limit, controller.config.torque_limit, make sure you’re in TORQUE control mode, and check that the controller.config.enable_torque_mode_vel_limit is set to false (or keep it true and adjust vel_gain and vel_limit)

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Thank you for your help.
I check the current_limit and torque limit.
Current_limit is 5A (same as max current output of the power supply I use).
Torque limit is inf.
Do you think is it the limitation of my power supply(48VDC 5A)?

Oh, no. Current limit of the power supply and current limit of the motor are two different things. Set the current limit to 60

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I solved the problem from your help.

Thank you so mcuh!!!

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