Odrive and AMT232B-V absolute encoder

I’m using odrive boards to control a t bod mechanism that has a tip at the bottem, I want to monitor the state of the tip using a AMT232B-V absolute encoder.

If written some code in Python that connects to the drive and this is successful. But after some extensive searching, I can’t figure out read the value of the encoder using Python and the odrive:

I have a wiring schema to help understand the situation:

I’m looking for some example code to read the value of the encoder.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Is this with an ODrive v3.6 or an S1/Pro? Are you trying to use the encoder for motor control as well?

Note that you need the chip select line connected, as well as there being a known issue with the AMT23 requiring an external buffer ic - see Issues with AMT232b-V encoder

Hi thanks for you comment,

This is using ODrive v3.6. I also want to control the motor eventually.