ODrive and Arduino Connection

Hi again,

I am considering using an Arduino DUE to run my commands on the ODrive. I, however, am unsure how to connect the two and would like to know how before I purchase anything. Essentially my question boils down to: is it possible to connect the Arduino to the micro-USB port on the ODrive? or do I connect the GPIO pins on the two boards? and would this setup allow me to run the ODrive without having a computer attached?

The easiest way to do it is to connect the UART pins (and ground) between the two boards, then use the Arduino Library https://github.com/madcowswe/ODrive/tree/master/Arduino/ODriveArduino

Only three UART lines are needed.
Firstly, find a pair of RX and TX on Arduino DUE.
Then connect RX (DUE) to GPIO1 (ODrive), and TX to GPIO2.
Finally connect any GND on DUE to any GND in J3 on Odrive.

PS: I dont’t have an Arduino DUE but have an Arduino UNO and a Teensy 3.5. The method above is practicable on my Arduino UNO. However, on Teensy 3.5, the GND in J3 on Odrive should be connected to Analog GND. My Odrive is version 3.5 so that all the pins connected to UNO or Teensy are in J3. If your Odrive is another version, please do it according to your situation.