ODrive -Arduino (COnfiguration)

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Odrive and wanted to ask if anyone can advise me on how I connect/configure Odrive with Arduino.

I have seen there is a library available but my question is how to tune the motor on Arduino using ODrive. Do I need to install Python for updating the Odrive firmware? Apologies for asking a very basic question.


I recommend installing Python and the odrivetool, learning how to configure it through the tool first, make sure it runs, and then switch over to commanding the unit with the Arduino code.

I am also new to Odrive and trying to control hoverboard wheels using Arduino and odrive but after installing python and Odrivetool i am still not getting connected with odrive

i am getting below error
In [1]: 15:01:55.283183900 [USB] Could not claim interface :slight_smile: on USB device: -12

please suggest me if you have fixed your problem

The Could not claim interface error usually suggests that there are multiple instances of odrivetool open. Make sure you only have one tab running odrivetool at a time.