Odrive axis1 goes to error once moved some distance

I have odrive 3.6 and firmware 5.1 with me , i connected to a hub motor with 4096 cpr incremental encoder and i am able to calibrate the motor but after running few meters always axis1 goes to error MOTOR_ERROR_CURRENT_SENSE_SATURATION and some time toMOTOR_ERROR_CURRENT_LIMIT_VIOLATION and other axis (axis0) is fine. Can any one help me out. i tired all the things. I swapped the motors also still the error is happening in odrive axis 1.

Sounds like an encoder noise or slippage problem to me.

always coming on the axis 1 even if i swap the motors. How can solve it

Try using the ferrite ring from the ODrive shop (or a similar ferrite choke)
This will stop the motor wiring from transmitting noise onto the encoder wiring, which is probably the issue