ODrive D5065 Motor Parameters

Does anyone know the torque constant, terminal resistance, and terminal inductance, for the ODrive D5065 motor?

After doing the calibration, I got the phase inductance and resistance to be 1.45052 henry’s and 0.03453 ohms, respectively…can anyone else confirm values close to these?

Trying to build a PID controller in matlab/Simulink and values like the torque constant would be helpful for the “plant” block.

Thanks everyone!

Here are some motor constants that may be of use, including D5065 (credit @Richard_Parsons):

Racerstar BR2212 Turnigy SK3 5055 Odrive D5065 Keda 6364 Odrive D6374
Rated kV rpm/V 1000 280 270 190 150
Measured kV rpm/V 1058 276 259 182 151
Phase Resistance Ohm 0.128 0.032 0.039 0.039 0.039
Phase Inductance H 1.84E-05 1.33E-05 2.02E-05 2.13E-05 2.81E-05
Weight kg 0.045 0.389 0.411 0.647 0.885
Price $ USD 6 52 69 47 99
Torque constant (Kt) N·m/A 0.008 0.029 0.030 0.042 0.053

Just a note that the D6374 motor was measured with long leads in the table above and so its actual resistance is 0.035 Ohm measured with the four wire method across the terminals.

Also, the measured Kv of the D5065 motor was for a prototype motor with a shorter stator and different winding number to the one currently sold on the odrive shop.

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Awesome, thanks! That’s a great place to start!
@Richard_Parsons is it just he Kv value that was obtained from the prototype D5065? or are all the D5065 values from the prototype?