ODrive does not respond after save_configuration()


I have an ODrive V3.5 with firmware 0.5.3. Until a few days it worked properly. Now I recognized changes that I don’t remember to have made. E. g. odrv0.axis0.config.step_gpio_pin changed from 5 to 1. Similar happend with direction pin.

Now I tried to correct that parameters. After save_configuration() command the ODrive didn’t respond anymore. Plugging out and in again only gave the response that the odrive disappered. Restarting the computer (OS: Windows 10) didn’t change that behaviour.

The ODrive only responds after switching its power supply off and on. Then I am able to change parameters. But after trying the save_configuration() command it does not respond again and the changes are not saved, too.

Is there a way to find the reason for that problem?