Odrive for astromech?


I am building a full sized astromech droid (r2d2) and have purchased some hub motors to fit in his feet.
hub motors on aliexpress

My question is, is odrive going to work as a motor driver in this project? The completed robot will weight over 50kg so it will not be possible to lift it to let the motors initialise.

I would control it via a raspberry pi or arduino, and would appreciate good low speed control.

Advice would be appreciated.


Yes ODrive should work. We just finished the hall effect feedback and PWM input features. The will be available in firmware release v0.4.0 or v0.4.1. The motors you linked to has hall sensors, so once configured it should be able to run without any calibration movement. You can see the demo we had at makerfaire:

I would say we can get very smooth movement.

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The shopping trolley demo is great.

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excellent! i think i need to steal one of these trolleys and do that demo.

could u document the motors (looks like overboard motors) & battery specs please?

I just used “standard” hoverboard motors and 2x 5S lipo batteries in series. Specifically it was this wheel and these batteries, but many similar ones exist.

I just coudln’t resist… hack in progress :smiley:

Do you know by any chance where i could find a similar motor but that would be geared with a modest gear ratio in the 5:1 to 10:1 range ? (and yes, i did write to our friend from saite-motor.com

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