ODrive Hoverboard motor problem with teensy

Hello guys. I have ODrive v3.6 and hoverboard wheels. I have successfully calibrated and everything works perfect with odrivetool shell. But when I connect odrive to teensy via UART motor controlling is not stable. It doesn’t move when I give low velocity, it works only fast with teensy. Does anyone had same problem? Or is there any setVelocity examples that works perfect? Thank you!

It sounds like your teensy is sending the wrong commands on the UART.
Can you connect a USB UART to sniff the data?

#include <ODriveArduino.h>
#include <HardwareSerial.h>

// Printing with stream operator helper functions
template<class T> inline Print& operator <<(Print &obj,     T arg) { obj.print(arg);    return obj; }
template<>        inline Print& operator <<(Print &obj, float arg) { obj.print(arg, 4); return obj; } 
HardwareSerial& odrive_serial = Serial7; 
ODriveArduino odrive(odrive_serial);
int requested_state = 0;

requested_state = ODriveArduino::AXIS_STATE_CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL; 
 odrive.run_state(0, requested_state, false /*don't wait*/); // "0" is the motor axis

odrive_serial << "w axis" << 0 << ".controller.input_vel " << Left_Drive_Speed << '\n'; //Left_Drive_Speed is a float in turns per second - ) is the motor axis

requested_state = ODriveArduino::AXIS_STATE_IDLE; 
 odrive.run_state(0, requested_state, false /*don't wait*/); // "0" is the motor axis

This should have you turning