Odrive inrush current

Hello all
Does anyone know the inrush current of a odrive when it turned on.
I want to turn it on and off with a relay. The reason is that I will use a arduino as a safety controller
on my robot. If a unsafely situation happens I want the arduino to turnoff odrive.
I try a 10A relay but it got stuck. Will try a 30A relay. Or is there another way to prevent the current.
My robot will only use 5A

I’m not sure where all the current is going. If I connect the odrive the caps should get full. But if I disconnect it for half a second and connect it again I get allot of current flowing.

Cannot measure current at this moment blew up the fuse in my meter.


From what I’m told an easy way to make your odrive board safe is to pull the reset pin (on J2) to ground. My understanding is that this will cause your odrive to constantly reboot and by doing so prevent any further powered movement.

This should be as easy as connecting the odrive reset to a digital pin on your arduino and setting it low when you hit an estop.

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Thanks Richard
That is a good idea. Better than the relays part.