Odrive issues with second motor attached

hey i have a question I’m having trouble or rather me and a teammate are having trouble hooking up a second motor to our drives any way we can configure them to solve this or rather to get the second out of two motor terminals working? it would help our project alot.

Is this with an ODrive v3.6? Exactly what issues are you having? You should be able to just use axis1 instead of axis0

so my partner describes the secondary connection as not working were trying to figure out why its not recognizing the motor attachment any ideas?

Unfortunately you’re going to have to give more information than that so I can help - what have you tried? what does dump_errors(odrv0) return? Can you post images of the wiring?

dump errors returns nothing im pretty sure its a issue with the odrive itself but were still figuring out the code i am gonna ask im pretty new to this site since im roadblocked i will have to ask the exact issue when i get with my partner since i do not have the python coding at the moment

it doesnt recognize the second connection as there for some odd reason

i just want to know if that would be hardware or software based and some tips on troubleshooting? if thats ok?

because these odrives are fairly wierd we have some that dont even register with the program we use and some dont even register the hardware they look like official odrives but we arent 100%

im attachting a photo in a second here:

this is the attachment thats faulty on the one im working on the left top green connection

apperantly the odrive isnt recognizing the motor attached and later today ill get back with the software but any suggestions on how to fix this? im fairly new to python but dump errors wont tell me whats wrong with the connection it just states motor two as unrecognized as far as im aware are there any commands other than dump errors to see whats wrong?

Hmmm, where did you get this ODrive? Was this from our webshop, or somewhere else? Do you know your original order number?

unfortunately the odrives were with the last owners of this project we do not know anything about them other than they apear to be official although they are very glitchy we dont have great contact with the past project managers, but what i can tell you is that this will be for a robotic dog and that the odrives themselves are working we just think theve been handed from person to person or secondhand so we arent sure of the quality is there a way to check that there official?

or rather a way to fix the second connection themselves program wise?

ill be back around 2:00pm ill have more info by then that mabye can help both of us ill get you the odrive part numbers if thattl help as well so i can figure out how to fix some of them alright? tty soon

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