Odrive low rpm motor?

I want to move a 8kg robot slowly and accurately. Prefer to avoid gears if possible. Is there a 24v motor that would be suitable?

I’ll be using the stepper function, and assuming no wheel slippage

I know alien power systems sells very low kg motors I think they sell down to 30kv
Also hover board motors are a good option and can be found out of broken hoverboards for very cheap


I considered the hoverboard ones, I guess I was concerned they might not be suitable for low speeds? I’m looking to move the bot at around 0.1 > 0.25 Meters per second.

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If you want to run at low speeds, just make sure you have an encoder. Any motor can work, but you need an encoder (not just Hall sensors) for torque and stability at low speeds. The higher the resolution you can get, the better.


Gearbox or belt reduction is really the way to go. brushless motors really don’t like running slow, you’re better off gearing a faster motor down, you get torque and accuracy that way.

But look for low kv motors. RPM is usually calculated as Kv* voltage. 50kv motor at 24V would then give you 1200 rpm.


Actually, I disagree. With the right encoder & controller, brushless motors are quite happy to run slow (especially slotless varieties, or if the controller has cogging compensation with a nice hi-res encoder).

Brushed motors don’t like running slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, if you can use a mechanical reduction then any motor can run slow :slight_smile:

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Well, technically correct(the best kind). But to get the best out of them they should be designed for it(eg, gimbal motors). It also demands more from the controller as you said.

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