Odrive maximum current and cooling

I recently fried my odrive and im buying a new one, this time i dont want to to overheat it. I had 4 batteries each hooked up in a series and was pushing 45 volts total. Our batteries are suppose to be 110 amps each, but our batteries are in a series so our total amperage should stay at 110.
We dont know exactly if its its the current or the voltage. We are using a 56v odrive.
Any solution for cooling or reducing overheating?

What is your application? The biggest thermal drivers in the motor controller is motor phase current and duty cycle. You can push a lot of peak power for short periods and run without additional cooling.

The battery current capability doesn’t equate to current draw from the battery due to motor demand. Also, the motor current doesn’t generally equal the battery current, and at low rotational speed the motor current can be many times the battery current.

Depending on your application, you might want to just try it and see how warm the board gets and add cooling as required if it seems like a good fit for your project.


Application: We are using two hover board motors. I am replicating the remote control shopping cart idea shown in the docs. In addition to this we have an rc reciver plugged into a 5v pwm pin.

We had everything plugged in and then powered up the odrive and the ports sparked and the board was two hot to touch afterward.

Hope this helps