Odrive minimum usb speed

Hi, I want to optoisolate the USB port on the odrive as I’m going to be using separate power sources for the delicate electronics and the noisy ones like the motors. I can’t however find what the minimum usb speed the odrive requires is and can’t select a proper IC. So my question is essentially will the odrive work fine with usb full speed or does it require higher bandwidth?

I have an off the shelf USB isolator. It has a switch between “Low Speed” / “High Speed”, and ODrive does not work in the Low Speed mode, probably because it requests HighFull Speed from the host.

Edit: Apparently, the isolator does not do 480Mbps, only 1.5Mbps or 12Mbps, and it works in what I thought was the “high speed” mode. :slight_smile:

Edit2: I was mistaken, the ODrive itself is a full speed USB1.x device, not a High Speed device. See: Decreasing latency