Odrive motor tunning2

I have encountered some problems when using the odriveGUI. When I use the odrivetool to connect to the odrive, there are no problems and debugging can be carried out, but I can’t connect when I exit the odrivetool and connect to the odriveGUI alone. There should be no problem with the USB cable, because I can use the odrivetool normally.

Is the program incremental PID or absolute PID?Can anyone resolve my confusion?

OK a couple things:

  1. You can only connect to the GUI or odrivetool, not both at the same time.
  2. Sometimes the GUI or odrivetool refuses to close a python process in the background. CTRL+ALT+DEL → Kill Python.exe
  3. I’m not sure it works in anaconda?

I’m not familiar with these terms, can you expand?