Odrive Newbie Projects

Hey all,
Im looking to team up to do an odrive project(s). Im a sw eng / machine learning person and can do CV type stuff. IDK that much about SLAM or motion planning yet but I’m keen to learn more and grow my knowledge in that area. My ideal collaborator(s) would have experience with all the stuff I don’t know such as electrical engineering / mechanical engineering, and so on.
I’m fairly flexible w.r.t to what type of project to work on, I have a few ideas but mostly I’m just keen to meet people, help and learn. Hopefully we will be able to find a way to collaborate. I’m gonna try idling on discord for awhile so if you are interested in discussing collaboration, please introduce yourself.


You could look into the self-driving model race car communities: https://diyrobocars.com/

I’ve been wondering if ODrive style perfect motor control would give an advantage here. It would allow you to do things like traction control.

Anyone up for a building a team in the bay area?

While I can’t commit a ton of time, I’d lend my enthusiasm and support to such a team. Being in the bay area myself I’d love to see something like that materialise.