ODrive not recognized by computer with odrivetool


So I have a Odrive 3.6 56V model and have an issue where it isn’t connecting to my computer. On our bench setup, we connect the odrive to 24V and everything works fine. The computer can recognize it. However, when we transfer it to a 48V setup, the computer can no longer find the Odrive when odrivetool is running. The power LED still appears on the Odrive, the computer just can’t find the board. We repeated this with 2 other boards and have the same result. What should I do next? Thanks!

Do you have axis.config.startup_closed_loop_control=True by any chance?

If so, I’d suggest ether disabling that, or try using the ferrite rings from the shop. It sounds like you have EM noise and/or a ground loop which is interfering with USB at higher voltages. (higher dV/dt = more capacitively-coupled noise)

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Hi Towen, thanks. I’ll try that. One thing to note is that after the board fails to be recognized on my 48V setup, it no longer is able to be recognized on the 24V setup too, leading me to believe that something is causing it to break. Would the noise issue cause this?

Yes, that definitely sounds like a noise issue, or possibly a ground loop.

If the negative terminal of the power supply is referenced to mains earth (as it is with most power supplies), then you have to be careful that you don’t get a portion of the DC Bus current flowing via the USB cable.
You could try shortening / twisting your DC supply cable, which will reduce its resistance and inductance, to provide a much lower impedance path so that less current flows via the the USB cable. Or use an isolated supply, such as a battery.