Odrive Pro Arduino Library not working

I have been running odrive v3.6 on Arduino Megas an Teensy and it has been amazing.

I have been trying to get a odrive pro to work with the Arduino Library and am seeing very weird behavior.

I have tested at 3.3volt with the teensy 4.1 and 5volt with a Arduino mega.

Odrive settings
odrv0.config.enable_uart_a = True
odrv0.config.gpio12_mode = GpioMode.UART_A
odrv0.config.gpio13_mode = GpioMode.UART_A

Using the example code I am getting messages a across but I’m loosing lots of data. showing in picture below.

I am getting transmit and receive messages every time:

Every time I send a message over the Arduino UART i get a “internal issue”

If I plug the teensy or the Arduino into the V3.6 it works perfectly. I am setting up a second Odrive Pro right now so see if its some sort of issue on the Odrive.

Based on email correspondence this seems to have been solved by updating to the latest beta firmware.

odrivetool dfu --channel beta

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