Odrive Pro CAN Bus question

Hi! I have next setup: battery > isolated dc-dc > mcu with CAN bus interface, powered by isolated dc-dc. Do I really need to connect iso dc-dc gnd to battery ground as showed at documentation scheme? If I understand correct, I just need to connect isolated dc-dc ground to can-bus ground pin on odrive pro, or I’m wrong?


The ODrive Pro CAN is semi-isolated by default. Meaning it requires the DC- connection to get power to the CAN interface from the ODrive. You can remove this connection if you also remove D2 and D4 and provide isolated power to the 12V-in with respect to CAN GND.
Basically you have two options:

  • Semi isolated: You must connect CAN GND to DC- at system star point. ODrive powers the CAN interface.
  • Fully isolated: Desolder D2, D4. You power the CAN interface with the CAN-12V input.

Thanks! That’s actually what I’m looking for :slight_smile: With V3.6 I’ve made a little mods to odrive to isolated CAN bus :slight_smile: