ODrive Pro / D5065 270K / TIMING_ERROR

Hello ODrivers,

I am a new user with an ODrive Pro, a D5065 270K ODrive motor, and a CUI AMT102 encoder. I am powering the motor with a 6000 mAh 6S LiPo, powering the Odrive using USB-C, and powering the encoder using a 500 mAh 3S LiPo through a voltage regulator. The encoder ground and the ODrive Pro FEEBACK_IO pin 4 are tied to the 3S LiPo ground. The encoder A, B, and I outputs are connected to FEEBACK_IO pins 3, 10, and 9 respectively.

I used the web GUI and the online Getting Started guide to set the ODrive power & performance parameters and successfully calibrated the motor. I successfully set up the AMT102 encoder with the index pulse and successfully viewed the encoder’s relative position graph in the web GUI move as I turned the motor shaft.

I am now stuck at the Position Control step of Getting Started. Each time I use the web GUI to set odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AxisState.CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL the board’s red error light turns on and the board throws a TIMING_ERROR. I’ve tried clearing the error, restarting the drive, and power cycling everything a few times with running through a complete re-setup but I get the same fault each time.

I couldn’t find too much on the TIMING_ERROR code on the forum and the API points to a firmware issue or a general system issue. Does anyone have experience with this error? Is there additional setup information that I have not yet shared that would help diagnose this error more easily?

I was excited to see the motor turn! Looking forward to closed loop control…



Hi! Please check your firmware version (odrv0. Will give you fw_version_xxx) or try updating with odrivetool dfu.

Hi There - My firmware is version 0.6.3. I will look at the odrivetool.

I installed the Odrivetool and it also reported my version as 0.6.3. What is my next step? Is there a hardware issue with the Pro?

I think this thread should perhaps be in support? Happy to head over there if a community manager can relocate me! anxious to get this motor spinning.