ODrive Pro heatsink / cooler assembly

Hi! Are there any instruction about how to properly assembly ODrive Pro with heat spreader plate and heatsink and fun? For me it’s not clear what should I put between ODrive Pro MOSFETS and heat plate (green thermal pad?), also should I use some thermal paste between heat plate and heatsink? Thanks. Video on YouTube will be very useful.

A video is a great idea here, thanks for the suggestion!
Yes, the green thermal pad goes between the MOSFETS and the heat spreader plate, there should also be a brown thermal pad that goes between the heat spreader plate and the heatsink/fan. Thermal grease is a great (better) substitute for this brown thermal pad, but it should not be used on the MOSFETS.

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Hi! Thanks for the answers and welcome to the ODrive team (I guess) :slight_smile: What about an avatar picture to easily detect odrive’s crew member messages in threads? =)