ODrive Pro public beta and Hoverboard documentation

Hi, I was just about to buy a 3.6 board for a hoverboard project, but would the new oDrove Pro be a more suitable option? I’ll be following the support documentation Hoverboard motor and remote control setup guide — ODrive Pro Documentation 0.6.1 documentation

Is this all relevant to the Pro board? Driving two, BLDC 350w motors from 56v li-Ion battery-pack.

Pro is a better option in many ways :slight_smile:

Looks like those docs aren’t entirely up to date. In particular, you should follow the Hall Encoder setup from the Pro Encoder page instead.

Thanks, adding those resistors mentioned on the Pro-Encoder page seems to solve a common problem.

Hi @Wetmelon,
you said ‘Pro is a better option in many ways’ but I’m seeing a lot of problem reports on the community forum. It appears the Pro board only runs one motor, and would be quite costly (board cost x 2) and more complicated to run on my Hoverboard project than the v3.6.

Can you offer any update on why the its a better option please? It sounds like a bit of ‘salesperson’ comment that isn’t based on technical experience of setting up the Pro board.

Can you offer any update on why the its a better option please?

  • Higher voltage with more margin
  • Higher current with more margin
  • Better analog design resulted in ~ 10x drop in current sense noise, so it can control smaller motors without current shunt change
  • Isolated I/O, isolated CAN, improved internal voltage protection
  • Built in encoder
  • RS485 encoder support
  • Dedicated HALL sensor pins with appropriate filters already built in
  • Locking connectors

As an aside, we updated the documentation recently, check it out! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the detailed reply. I’ll order the two 'boards, and check out the updated documentation.