ODrive Pro Public Beta

ODrive Pro Enters Public Beta

ODrive Pro, the new product from ODrive Robotics, has entered public beta! This product is designed to be much more rugged and performant than the existing ODrive 3.6. Public beta implies that the ODrive Pro has received significant testing internally and with the private beta users, but may still have minor changes, bugs, and firmware may be feature-incomplete.

Feel free to ask questions or comment on this post, or join us on Discord at the link below!


What about Open Source status? IMHO, PCB files could be closed source in order to stop chinese crappy fakes, but schematics and firmware should be available to debug and make custom PCBs.


@Wetmelon I have same question about the the open source status of the ODrive Pro firmware.
I bought the beta version and was looking for its fw repo.

Does the Odrive Pro have the same 600Hz electrical limit as the Odrive 3.6?

So was I. There is no public FW repo. It’s closed source. :cry:

No, it should be improved. I don’t think we’ve specifically gone out of our way to test this yet, but there are certainly improvements here.

Hi, I need an official stance if ODrive Pro is going to be Open Source Hardware or closed source.

If it’s going to be closed source, I recommend changing the name and logo.

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ODrive Pro is closed source. We have a new logo on the main site, haven’t had time to update it everywhere yet.
EDIT: updated it here too.

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