ODrive Pro Requirements

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I recently purchased an ODrive Pro, the D5065 270kv motor, and the optical encoder. I’ve been through the setup notes and the forum and I’m pretty confused about what additional hardware I need to operate it with an Arduino. There are many different answers and opinions on the forum. I was hoping to get a more official answer, but its not really covered in the documentation.

  1. Do I need digital isolation on my uArt lines?
  2. Do I need separate power supplies for the ODrive and the Arduino?
  3. Do I need additional capacitors or resistors soldered onto the ODrive?
  4. I am using a 24V AC/DC power supply. Do I need a brake resistor?
  5. Is there anything else I need?




  1. No, the digital isolation is already present on the ODrive side. Provide the Rx, Tx, 5v from Arduino to ISOVDD, and GND (from Arduino) to ISOGND.

  2. No, but see 1. re the ISO power

  3. No. This is much improved vs V3

  4. Probably. Most cheap hobby power supplies can’t sink current - there are some other options for this

  5. Appropriate PPE :slight_smile:


Much simplified. I will look into current sinking on my amazon.com 24VDC 10A power supply wall-wart. I believe that the ODrive Pro does not have dedicated connection points for the breaking resistor like the V3 did. Is that true? If it is true, is there a known best approach for integrating a braking resistor? I suppose I could design a circuit that watches for max current or max speed and switches the resistor into series - but someone must have already solved this problem. The only answer I think I saw on the forum was perhaps to purchase an ODrive S1 to handle that connection. That can’t be the best answer, could it?

Thanks very much.


I think I am going to go with a battery while I learn about the drive and get it integrated with the motor and calibrated. I’m asking all these questions to make sure I don’t damage any ODrive hardware with a dumb mistake. Seems like battery is the quickest and safest path for me to get started.

Long term I’d like to use it in a permanent installation so I still am interested!



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