ODrive Pro SSI (RS-422) support

Hello, can someone provide status for support for a SSI encoders on the ODrive Pro? If it’s not being actively developed, do you accept pull requests for this implementation? If so, would that go in the ODrive repo on github?

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Which encoder specifically are you looking at?

SSI encoders are currently not officially supported but 16-bit SSI encoders might still work if you configure the ODrive for an SPI encoder with spi_encoder0.config.mode set to SpiEncoderMode.RLS or SpiEncoderMode.MA732.

Currently we can unfortunately not take pull requests for ODrive Pro except under NDA.


Nothing stopping someone submitting a PR for ODrive 3.6 though! (except signing that NDA…)

It should be possible (with a firmware mod) to use SSI encoders in 3.6 with an external RS422 transceiver, I think?

If you hook up the corresponding nCS line to receive-enable of the transceiver then yes it might be possible.


We’re looking at higher resolution encoders likes the ones form the Zettlex IncOder line with up to 21-bits of resolution

Ok looking at the datasheet these two variants might indeed just coincidentally work with spi_encoder0.config.mode set to SpiEncoderMode.RLS or SpiEncoderMode.MA732:

However the ODrive will only use 16 bits resolution in these modes. In any case, no guarantee that it works, and even if it works, no guarantee that it will work with future firmware versions. But we can consider adding official support in the future.