ODrive spindel capability


Hi All

Can odrive handle PWM (0-100%) out of the box?
and what is the RPM limit?

i have a smoothieboard as the controller.
do anyone know if that will work?

B.R. Dean


We don’t have 0-100% PWM version yet, we only have the hobby RC style PWM. It should be quite easy to change the PWM module to make it 0-100% style.

With the current firmware, the top speed is around 48,000 electrical RPM.


Hi madcowswe

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

you talked about there would be a European dealer in another thread. Do you have a link to this dealer?

B.R. Dean


It will be an official ODrive webstore in Europe. There will be an announcement when it is ready.


How long will this take?

Carelsbergh Stijn


3-4 weeks.