oDrive status and roadmap

Hi all,

I am developing robots and I will need some of the new features discussed in this forum.
However I don’t know where to find the latest version and in which state of development they are.

Among important features :

  1. implementation of CAN bus.
    This is essential as I want to connect a raspberry pi with multiple odrive boards.

  2. absolute encoders
    Searching index and moving motors and parts at startup is not possible in many applications with safety issues.

  3. end points
    Again essential to avoid to break something.

  4. auto tuning.
    In applications with multiple motors and odrives, it is not convenient to tune manually each motor.
    Auto tuning is mentioned in the documentation as an upcoming feature.

  5. UI for odrivetool
    The GUI developed by tinker_inc is a great product.
    However it does not work for me out of the box with the latest firmware on windows. Some modifications are required.
    It’s not complicated but it is a bit disapointing to not get it as a core product with odrive.

To plan the devlopment of future applications using oDrive, it should be very helpful to have a roadmap showing the status (in development, completed, tested, verified …) of these features and the timeline for introduction in the master branch.

I am sorry if I missed a previous discussion about these topics.

Maybe there is a devel branch to test all these new developments ?

BTW, Is there a V4 version planned ? if yes, what will be the improvements ?

In advance, thanks if anybody could clarify the future of this great product.


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Working in feature branch.

Sorta working in feature branch, needs testing & validation

Working in feature branch

Not started.

Not started.

Roadmap here: https://github.com/madcowswe/ODrive/projects/1

Try https://github.com/Wetmelon/ODrive/tree/RazorsEdge if you want to experiment with the newest features.

@Wetmelon Thanks for these links.
I was not aware of this RazorsEdge branch.

I suppose you mean “RazorsEdge branch” when you said “feature branch”.
Am I right ?


Yeah. Although RazorsEdge is primarily made from pull requests from other peopl.