ODrive stop of working suddenly and wheel was free running

Dear All,
I configured ODrive to run one motor of Hoverboard-motor at 12vDC,
The ODirve worked in position mode with Hall-Sensor built-in motor.
The ODrive accept command (of postion once) and suddenly stop and wheel become free running.
I tried many times to configure ODrive as first one but it gave me this error

Connected to ODrive 2054377E5853 as odrv0
In [1]: odrv0.erase_configuration()
16:04:23.483890900 [LEGACY_OBJ] protocol failed with 3 - propagating error to application
Oh no odrv0 disappeared

and no calibration or any things occur just feedback for any configure command only.
What this error ?
How to solve ?
if any one have good configuration for ODrive to run Hoverboard Motor with UART (by Arduino),
Thanks on advance.