oDrive v 3.6 encoder

Hello community,

I use oDrive for 3D printer (X, Y axis), i use Step/Dir mode.

I would like to ask you, if is possible use absolutive encoder. I would like to use oDrive without first calibration. I know than ATM 102 need the calibration…

So my question is: if it possible to used absolutive encoder for odrive v3.6 wihout any change in sofrware or hardware? I readed about prepare software for this absolutive encoder, but i can not find if the board 3.6 can use this absolutive encoder.

Is there a list of supported encoders for oDrive?

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Absolute encoders are only supported by the RazorsEdge branch, but they work very well with the 3.6 hardware, and do not need any calibration on start-up.
The best supported one is the AS5047P.

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