ODrive v3.3 Hardware Changes

ODrive v3.3 design changes have been finished, and a batch of boards are now being manufactured.
Below are the changes, also noted in the hardware repository changelog.
Questions and/or comments welcome! ;D


  • Power LED
  • Pads on DC rail, for secondary power connection, on the opposite side of main power connector


  • GPIO Pinout. See spreadsheet.
  • Fliped LDO and C29 to bot side, for better clearance on top side for enclosure style heatsinking.
  • Changed all screw terminals to 7.62mm pitch
  • Encoder pullup resistance 1k -> 3.3k, to be compatible with 2mA push-pull encoders without desoldering.


  • AUX_V voltage measurement no longer available.

It would be nice if all headers and screw terminals would be flipped to the capacitor side, too. For the sake of slim packaging.

iā€™d prefer double-row headers for standard IDC ribbon connectors. It would be nice if the ST-Link could just be plugged into a 2x5pin IDC connector. No more hassle with wiring.

4 more GPIOs for end switches would be good. All on 2x5pin IDC connectors for quick and simple wiring. Just one 2x5pin header for each motor stage, with all the Encoder and end-switch stuff available on signle headers

Edit: There are special cables for the ST-Link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/STM8-STM32-adapter-line-easy-connection-for-st-link-stlink-v2-only-for-Baite-st-link/32584707499.html