ODrive v3.3 odrivetool "no response - probably incompatible"

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to get my ODrive (V3.3) going for a pretty simple application: I want to use it in velocity mode to drive a spindle on my CNC mill. So essentially all I want to achieve is increase the max current, and set the mode to velocity mode to send it PWM signals.

Yet, somehow I have troubles connecting to it with the odrivetool to set it up. I used 2 different Win10 computers, both Python 3.7.

I had some pretty old firmware on it (from 2017), which did the initialization routine fine. Beep, spin in both direction, hold. Also, I can send position commands over git bash and echo to the Odrive. Yet, the odrivetool didn’t work with it.

So, according to the user guide for the V3.3 I took the ST-link and flashed the most up to date firmware onto the ODrive. Message post flash: " wrote 262144 bytes from file ODriveFirmware_v3.3.elf in 10.374247s (24.676 KiB/s) adapter speed: 2000 kHz". (From this I assume that OpenOCD is not the problem) One weird thing already here: there is no more beep and moving when it’s starting up. Motor also doesn’t have any holding power.

First of all I used Zadig to set the Driver to libusb-win32. Now, when I start up the tool in verbose mode, it is not connecting and giving me the following message: “no response - probably incompatible”.

I assume that something is going wrong during the flash.

Any suggestions what to try next?

Thanks for your help!

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For safety reasons, we no longer energize the motor by default on startup. We can still do it, but you have to configure that (see here).

Yes I agree that it looks like flashing went ok as per the “wrote xxx bytes …”
What version of the firmware did you flash? What is your odrivetool version?
pip show odrive to check.

Thanks for your answer! The version of the odrivetool is 0.4.8. The firmware version is the latest one on git, 0.4.8.