Odrive vs Gecko?

What does Odrive do that’s different than using Geko’s BLDC driver? I mean, functionally better, worse, or different? (https://www.geckodrive.com/g320x-digital-servo-drive.html). Assuming using step-direction control on Odrive.

Hi Shorton,

From what I can tell, that driver is a Brushed DC motor driver, not a BLDC driver. In terms of capabilities, the ODrive supports many more features than the Gecko drive.

Not all of these are applicable to a system that is strictly position control via a step/dir interface, but here are a few:

  • Filtered input mode
  • Antiwindup for the PID (if we’re applying max current to the motor, don’t let the integral term grow). The Gecko drive has current limiting, but the PID implementation they use is not described in the manual.
  • Other interfaces like CAN, UART, etc
  • Velocity limiting
  • Support for absolute encoders as well as incremental encoders with or without an index pulse

There are many more features. You can find them described here: https://docs.odriverobotics.com/

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