Odrive with 72V 84V input voltage


I would like to have information/guidelines/feasibility about the usage of an ODrive board with an higher voltage. Battery will be 72 or 84V with peak @ 80A and motor will be BLDC also with 72V/84V peak at 80@.

Can someone point me some references, readings, posts ? or do you have advice of how to achieve it ? is it necessary to customize the board ?

Thanks for your help and support.


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You need to change all the applicable components to handle the increased voltage. The drive mosfets, gate drivers and likely the dcbus capacitors need to replaced with ones that can handle the higher voltage.

I think you would also either have to replace the shunt resistors or adjust the software as the current readings may be off.


I will take time to travel the BOM and I will start a new project thread in open source as soon as Iā€™m ready.

I will be back. Guidelines are welcome.

Thanks for your great work !

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