Odrive with DJI RM M3508 P19

Has anyone tried to use DJI RM M3508 P19 motor with odrive?

I want to create a 4 wheel drive rc with mecanum wheels, I’m not really sure if the odrive DUAL SHAFT MOTOR - D5065 270KV will be a good choice as it does not geared.

Final goal is to create a bigger version of a robomaster.

Haven’t seen it but it looks good! The trick will be figuring out what’s on the “7 pin connector”

Datasheet here (PDF)

The specs look like they’ll work well with ODrive, though

I’m hoping it’s an encoder with more power pins…
I’ll send an email to the support team and see if i can get that information.

Thinking again I bet a pair of connectors will be a thermistor, and the rest an encoder. Support refused to give me the pinout alleging it is confidential, I also got one of their ESC’s so I’ll just put a scope, logic analyzer on each pin and see what is going on.
I’ll update this thread when I get this information, as this motor seams really good for some robotic applications.


Check this out

A bigger robomaster chassis with N5065 i guess ? Just some hobby N5065s and HEDS-9731 1024 ppr encoder .

One big problem for using N5065 on robomaster is the total power (1.5kw max for one N5065) will be way bigger than the power limits by the rules, which is much smaller on DJI M3508.

Although N5065 have no gear box, it could reach 2 to 2.5 Nm torque at output shaft (270 KV at 70A , need some good cooling). Lots of E-skateboard are based on N5065, so torque may not be a big problem.

Beside, DJI products are expensive.:sweat_smile:


That hub style mechanum wheels is awesome! Do you have more info? Cad files?
I was only looking for the DJI motors because they had a compact design, bur placing the motor inside the wheel basically fixes all mounting and power transmission issues.

Hi Guys…
Wanna ask about the M3508 P19…
Since you guys have already figured out the sin/cos encoder mystery,
can you guys share the pin out for the 7-pin?

I emailed DJI and they said it is “confidential” stuff and refuse to provide further information.

1 x Hall sensor (I guess?)
1 x Sin Cos encoder (Tested by your guys)

But which wire is which wire???