Odrive's botwheels rotate automatically by hand

please tell me.
Is there a way to make odrive’s botwheels continue to rotate automatically when turned by hand?
(Or how the wheel detects a minute rotation and then automatically continues rotating)

Hi there! This is probably best suited to an external motion controller - you could have e.g. an Arduino monitoring the motor’s velocity, and increasing a torque or velocity setpoint when it sees an external force acting on the motor.

Thank you!
“Arduino to monitor motor speed”
What commands can be used to monitor motor speed?

Hi! Assuming you’re using ODrive S1/Pro, you can use the Arduino library here, and look at the guide here. It shows a basic position control example and reading properties from the ODrive (such as pos and vel), but it can be easily extended and modified to any functionality you desire!

Dear. solomondg

Thank you for your reply! I am using ODrive3.6…
So could you show me arduino sketch for ODrive 3.6 version?

Hi there,

We don’t have as good of a guide for the v3.6, but here’s the material:

Arduino lib: https://github.com/odriverobotics/ODrive/tree/master/Arduino/ODriveArduino
ASCII Protocol — ODrive Documentation 0.5.4 documentation
UART Interface — ODrive Documentation 0.5.4 documentation

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Thanks solomondg!
I try it!