ODrives Out of Stock

How long does it take to restock the ODrives 24V with connectors? They are currently out of stock and I need them relatively soon so does anybody know how long it takes for them to be restocked?

I have a 24V board I could sell you. I decided to go with the 56V board for my project so I have brand new board (only used for about 10 minutes of testing) if you are interested. Has connectors.

Let me talk to some people in my group about that offer tomorrow. Problem is I will need about 4 of them for the project I am attempting

I have two more I can sell you, if that helps. I also upgraded to 48v.

That does help! Hopefully I will have an answer for you by this afternoon! Thank you!!

When you click on the backorder in the shop, the date is on there somewhere



Bit late,
But if you still don’t have one, I suggest getting the one without connectors and soldering bulletconnectors with extension wires to it. The connectors are a bit small anyway for the current